What We Offer

Tong Partners is able to obtain loans up to 97% of the property value for first home buyers. Mortgage insurance can also be included into the loan amount. If you provide a guarantor to purchase an owner-occupied property, we can arrange finance for up to 100% of the property value.

In most circumstances, first home buyers who require in excess of 80% of the property value, are required by lenders to provide evidence of genuine regular savings. If you are unable to provide a savings history, Tong Partners can provide alternatives by negotiating with lenders on your behalf.

First home buyers are eligible to receive a grant (subject to certain conditions) from the government, called First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). Tong Partners is able to assist in applying the grant on your behalf.

If you are looking to purchase land to build a new home on, or looking to extend or renovate an existing home, we can access a land & construction loan to suit you. This type of finance allows you to pay your builder with progress payments at each stage of construction. With this type of loan, interest payments are minimised.

If you are wishing to purchase a new property but have not yet sold your existing property, or you have sold your property but it is not yet settled, we can provide bridging finance for your deposit on a new property. Tong Partners has expertise in providing the right bridging loan to suit your personal needs and budget. These loans can be exempt from monthly payments for set periods of time, thus providing you with more time to sell and settle your existing home sale.

Tong Partners can help you consolidate your debts. Credit card debts, car loans and/or personal loans can be a huge drain on your finances. By incorporating these debts into your mortgage we can save you a great deal of money which will allow you to pay off your debts quicker.

Perhaps your company is facing cash flow problems and other financial distress. At Tong Partners we can help you by restructuring your debts. This can greatly improve cash flow and restore liquidity so that your company can continue its operations.

Perhaps you have separated and are wishing to divide property and repurchase. Tong Partners can advise you on using your property to your advantage so that both parties can purchase property after the division and/or sale of your current asset/s.

Tong Partners can help those who are interested in acquisition of property with attractive rates and a flexible combination of asset financing and working capital financing. Eligible locations of prime and non-prime areas are also acceptable. Property acquisition has extra benefits for refinancing options. These funds are predominantly used for any owner occupied properties or properties for investment purposes.

We are also able to provide finance to fund property development. This type of lending generally operates as an interest-only facility to finance development as required. Usually the interest on a development loan is capitalised during the development period, with the entire loan inclusive of interest charged being repaid upon the sale of the development and/or the refinance of any residual debt.

If you are looking to invest in property, Tong Partners is able to secure finance for the purchase of property that will not be owner-occupied. That is, property that is being purchased specifically to generate profit through a rental income and for capital gains. We can arrange loans that help you to get the most from your investments.

Tong Partners can provide loans for purchasing commercial property, for property development, for business finance and also for purchasing business equipment. We can secure loans that have a range of options, including fixed and variable interest rates.

We can demonstrate the benefits of funding capital for growing your business venture.

Tong Partners also specialises in a mortgage scheme for medical and legal professionals wishing to purchase owner-occupied property or investment property. We are able to waive mortgage insurance up to 90% of the property purchase value or we can secure a discount of up to 1.1% depending on the loan amount.

If you have a self-managed super fund (SMSF), you have greater control over your superannuation. You also have much more flexibility in purchasing residential property and/or business premises for investment. Tong Partners can provide the right advice and loans to help you maximise your property investment potential.

If you are an Australian expat, you are not prevented from purchasing or financing property in Australia. We thoroughly understand the complex requirements of non-resident investors with respect to foreign currency, regulatory controls and taxation factors. Tong Partners' expat finance can help you by finding and arranging the right finance to suit your personal circumstances and property interests even if you no longer reside in Australia.

If you are a non-resident, or are the holder of a temporary Australian visa and are wishing to purchase property in Australia, we are able to provide assistance in determining your eligibility. The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) restricts the purchase of property to non-residents in certain cases. With more than 15 years of experience in providing loans to the community, Tong Partners is an expert in advising non-residents of their eligibility status, based on personal circumstances including visa constraints.